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You can cultivate positive body image through the practice of Healing Yoga
By connecting body and breath through awareness, mindfulness and asanas, you learn to come home to yourself, make peace with where you are at and gather the tools required to move forward in life through cultivating positive attitude. Instead of focussing on the problems, you focus on the solution. In so doing, you feel better within yourself and more at ease with your body too. Good posture helps to prevent backache, it also helps to lift your energy, improve your breathing, feel more confident, and to bring yourself back to balance.   TADSANA is the basis of all standing postures. Stand with your feet directly below your hips. Feel the contact between your feet and the floor. Stretch your toes forward and spread them evenly on the floor and stretch the heels back. Relax your knees so they are not bent but not overstretched either. Lengthen your tailbone. This will assist in straightening your lower back and engaging the muscles of your lower abdomen. Keep your lower abdomen muscles engaged and lift from the pubic bone through the lower abdomen and the upper abdomen and lift and open the chest. Allow your shoulders to soften and relax down, keeping your chest lifted and open. Allow your arms to be relaxed by the side of the body with your fingers pointing down. Keep your neck in line with your spine and imagine a thread from your crown to the ceiling lengthening your body upwards.   Breathing techniques form an essential part of Yoga. Through the breath we receive Prana which in Sanskrit translate as “Life Energy”
INTERCOSTAL BREATHING is best practiced in the morning to uplift and energize for the day:
Place your hands immediately below your chest and slide them to the sides so you can feel your ribs. As you breathe in direct the breath to your thoracic cage and feel your rib cage opening. As you breathe out, feel your rib cage returning to neutral. Repeat for a few breaths and allow your breathing to be soft and effortless. As you breathe out, ensure that you totally empty your lungs, releasing all the stale breath, stale energy.   Marie Angeline Lascaux ©   086-8242033 Marie Angeline Lascaux has been practicing Yoga for 30 years and teaching for over 20 years. She likes to empower the participants to improve their posture, develop a better relationship with their body, quieten the mind and find inner peace. She works intuitively, tailoring her classes to what is needed, working with awareness, pranayama, asanas, colours and sound, inviting each student to move inward and connect with their own essence through the practice of Yoga. She offers quality tuition to encourage positive changes in people’s lives, promoting a healthy lifestyle, teaching practical stress management techniques, deep relaxation skills  and meditation in a safe, healing and nurturing atmosphere. She teaches in Om Shanti Studio, as well as schools, offices, community centres and charitable organisations.

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