Destress, Reconnect and re-energize with Yoga

Reconnect with your body
Strengthen your energy
Quieten your mind
Bring gentle nurturing and deep healing to your body, mind and spirit


Yoga Class Timetable

Monday 6.30pm
Tuesday 8pm
2 Sundays per month: 11am

Price List

All classes €16

Advance booking required


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Yoga is alchemy in movement. It enables you to release the stress out of your body and to calm the mind as you slow down, breathe, stretch, relax and meditate.

Some of the benefits you will enjoy include:

  • Increased flexibility, strength and stamina
  • Improved concentration, posture, balance and self-confidence
  • Reduction of health related problems
  • Boosted immune system.

Whether you are an adept enthusiast or complete beginner, Yoga brings you on a journey of self-awareness where you reconnect with your own inner strength and beauty.

If you suffer from restricted mobility or are recovering from illness or surgery and your GP or consultant is happy for you to take part, I can tailor my teachings to your ability.


First and foremost, with yoga we learn to listen inwards and to move gently, never pushing, always paying attention to how the body feels.

The last few months have been very challenging at many levels. A lot of our practice will be focused on developing breathing and relaxation techniques to release stress out of the body as well as building confidence and boosting the immune system.

Non-verbal practices, such as Yoga, can assist us in reprogramming our whole self, giving an opportunity to heal ourselves with our loving presence, and the integrated changes overflow into how we live in the world.

Through our practice of Yoga we are connecting with something greater than our small selves.


What equipment do you need?

  • a yoga mat
  • a jumper, warm socks and a blanket for the relaxation
  • a cushion
  •  a soft belt or scarf


The Tutor, Marie Angeline Lascaux is a very experienced teacher with over 25 years’ experience in the holistic field, combining Hatha Yoga, Mindfulness and Healing. She has been practising Yoga for thirty years and teaching it for over twenty years. She qualified as a yoga teacher in 1998 from Yoga Therapy and Training Centre, Newry. Her additional qualifications include: ITEC/FETAC Diploma in Anatomy, Physiology and Holistic Massage, Practitioner/Presenter of Aura-Soma, Reiki/Seichem Master/Teacher, Train the Trainer facilitator, Occupational First Aid, and much more. Marie Angeline works from an inner place of knowing leading people to their inner self with love, great energy, and sensitivity, guiding each person to their potential.

springintolife yoga testimonials

Testimonial Cliona

Marie Angeline's classes are about much more than just yoga. They incorporate a spiritual element, a meditative practice and yoga that is catered to the level of the participants perfectly. As the classes are small, they are intimate and you really get to know everyone. Marie Angeline gives you one on one advice and help throughout classes and you leave feeling a deep sense of peace and well-being. These classes are my weekly treat, a break from the past pace of life and a chance to take some time out to look after yourself in a peaceful in a peaceful and relaxing environment. I honestly cannot recommend Om Shanti studios highly enough.

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