Are you feeling stressed? Overwhelmed?

Has your ability to perform, concentrate or remain positive decreased?

Has your appetite, sleep pattern or general mood been affected?

Do you suffer from headaches, sleeplessness, low energy, or general unhappiness?

Do you find it hard to remain optimistic and fully engaged and satisfied with life?

Would you like to regain control of your health and wellbeing? to feel good about yourself and to have more vitality?


Wellness Coaching can assist in increasing your motivation and ability to focus, improve concentration and stamina, help you to keep in shape physically, mentally, emotionally, decrease stress levels within yourself, improve your lifestyle behaviour and create a feel good factor within yourself.

You will be assisted in setting achievable wellness goals and and given the tools and wellness techniques to make it happen.

The successful outcome is driven by your willingness to engage in the process and bring positive changes in your life.

Investing in your personal wellbeing will enable you to reclaim a sense of control on your body and your state of mind and to put your energy into what you really want to do.

Feeling good with Wellness coaching
Lorraine Mannion


"I have worked with Marie Angeline Lascaux for many years in both a personal and professional capacity. The feedback on her classes was always very positive and she creates great energy and enthusiasm with everything she does. On a personal note I have gained so much over the years through her guidance and support and my life has transformed because of that. I would have no hesitation in recommending Marie Angeline for either as a personal life coach or for corporate well-being class. She is exceptional in everything she does. “

Lorraine Mannion

Elevated Thoughts 


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