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Relaxation & Breathing Techniques - Yoga Dublin
breathing & Relaxation Techniques dublin


Do you at times feel that you would like to switch off, put everything on hold and catch your breath?

Having a lot of commitments can sometimes translate in shortness of breathas well as increased heart rate and higher blood pressure.

It isn’t uncommon to literally hold our breath when we are facing new challenges.

How then can we achieve a return to a smoother, gentler rhythm of breathing?

Have you ever noticed the difference in your breathing when you are under pressure and when you are relaxed?


Breathing is natural. Learning to slow down and deepen our breathing is a powerful way to reduce stress levels and allow your heart rate and blood pressure to return to its normal rhythm. And it is free. From the moment we are born until we take our last breath, we are breathing constantly. But the rhythm of our breathing varies depending on our circumstances. When you breathe deeply, it sends a message to your brain to calm down and relax. The brain then sends this message to your body.

Let me teach you how to relieve stress, reduce tension and relax simply by learning to breathe consciously and effectively.

Or maybe at times, you feel a little deflated, in need of something to help you recharge and carry on?

Breath is life. Learning how to empty your lungs completely to release all the stale breath, stale energy, and then fill them fully in a mindful way will not only bring oxygen to your lungs and entire body but also help you feel renewed, energized and ready to deal with your day.

Or maybe you are suffering from chronic pain, recovering after injury or surgery, or preparing for labour and birth? Breathing techniques can help diffuse the pain, clear your mind and support your recovery.

Breathing techniques

There are many ways to breathe. Together we will explore what your needs are and teach your body a new way to release, relax and let go.

Breathing techniques

Testimonial: Peggy Johnson

Marie Angeline has taught me how to relax, stay calm, and breathe… These techniques have enabled me to control the pain in my body caused by  injuries.   I am so grateful to have met Marie Angeline who has helped me over a lot of dark shadows in my life.
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