regaining hope at private class

Why a private class?

Would you like to experience inner peace and relaxation in a safe way?

Does the idea of joining a group class make you feel shy or anxious?

Does your schedule make it challenging to commit to a specific day or time?

Do you suffer from restricted mobility or another condition which makes it difficult to attend a group class?

Your comfort and personal safety is our priority and we would like to offer you personalized tuition totally tailored to your needs?

What benefits will gain from attending a private class?

  • Receive clear guidance tailored to your personal needs
  • Reconnect with your inner-self
  • Reclaim your inner strength
  • Regain a sense of hope
  • Feel energised
  • Relax, unwind and nurture your body, mind and spirit
  • Go home with clear instructions for your home practice
  • Have a very experienced teacher monitor your progress
  • Through this practice in small groups, you will get an opportunity to reclaim your inner strength and heal the impact these last few months have had on your nervous system.
private class for meditaion dublin

What equipment do you need?

  • yoga mat

  • a jumper, warm socks and a blanket for the relaxation

  • a cushion

  • a soft belt or scarf

You will be asked to confirm that you 

  • haven’t travelled outside Ireland in the last two weeks
  • haven’t developed symptoms even very mild
  • haven’t been in contact with anyone who might have Covid 19
Get in touch with Spring into Life today to book a Private Yoga Class.

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