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Release tension from within the body?

Relax the mind?

Improve your physical and emotional well-being?


We are currently riding turbulent waves as the energy of the earth is readjusting and everything we had taken for granted is being put to the test.

Making time to take a break from your daily busyness to tune inward can make a huge difference to your ability to cope with the challenges of these times, how you respond to others and how you feel inside. The practice of mindfulness enables you to release stress, anxiety and confusion and find inner peace. It often acts as a catalyst enabling you to remain calm, centred and focused amidst chaos and bringing you clarity and insight.. It can help you to put a lot of things into perspective. It releases endorphins and gives you a boost, enabling you to tap into the abundance of your own inner resources.

Delivery Methods

Interactive session on site or online
Guided body scan
Breath focus
Relaxation techniques


"Marie Angeline offers a number of impactful health and wellbeing sessions, from mindfulness, to chair yoga and so on. Each session that Marie Angeline delivered was met with positive feedback and delegates wanting more. Marie Angeline is a delight to work with and brings a sense of positivity and professionalism to each session."

Niall Crowley

"I got Marie Angeline to offer Mindfulness and Laughter Yoga sessions as part of WorkPlace Skills training in UCD. I consider that the sessions by Marie Angeline were genuine and authentic."

Colm Fitzgerald
School of Mathematics & Statistics
University College Dublin

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