Tibetan bells with Mantra singing

Have you tried meditation but found it hard to sit motionless witnessing your inner thoughts? Would you like to find a way to quieten the mind and clear the cobwebs that keep you from moving forward? to do so in a creative way? Mantra singing combines the healing power of sound, breath and rhythm, restoring the natural flow of energy through the body-mind-spirit, re-balancing the chemistry of our brain, our nervous and endocrine systems, and releasing chronic stress and tension from our bodies. Sanskrit is the most ancient language and the root of all other languages and because of this, it resonates directly with something deep within ourselves. Mantras cleanse our mind and also protect our mind. There is a Mantra for just about anything and we can use specific mantras for love, peace, new beginnings, healing, enlightenment, protection or to remove blocks and unleash your full potential. Singing in a group bring a sense of community and the effects of our practice carry through many aspects of our daily life. It is a wonderful, relaxing way to wind-down from our daily activities and nurture a deeper aspect of our being. If you prefer not to sit and sing, you can also lie down and receive the energetic vibrations of the mantras sang by the group.