Imbolc Greetings

Imbolc Greetings

Imbolc Greetings to you all.

Can you believe it? This year is Om Shanti 25th anniversary!
25 years of teaching, and gently guiding thousands of men, women and children on their path of wellness.

Some people regard Yoga as a science. For me, Yoga has played an important part of my healing journey and that of my clients.

When we get stressed, anxious, when unpleasant events occur, when we experience intense emotions, shock or trauma, the memory of it is stored in our body. Often the mind pushes it away as a mechanism of protection because we need to get on with our day.

To unravel certain experiences and their impact on our day to day life, making space for yourself to access your own inner temple is the beginning of the healing journey.

In dealing with stored emotions, “frozen” in time, Yoga provides an opportunity to press the defreeze button by putting the body in motion while consciously bringing the breath deeper. Adding voice through the HA breath or Mantra singing further assists the process.



At this time of Imbolc, let’s plant seeds of kindness and compassion.
We never really know what type of challenges or internal turmoil the man, woman or child who crosses our path is dealing with. The harsh words or disrespectful behaviour is likely to emerge from a as yet unhealed wound.

I often speak of unconditional love. Can we love those who hurt us? It does not by any means signify that we tolerate or condone unacceptable behaviour. It simply convey a strong message that we are able to differentiate the act from the person.

Each one of us have access within us to a well of inner wisdom, inner peace, inner light. Those who hurt us, those who consume our time and energy without giving anything in return probably haven’t learned yet how to access their own inner well.

Loving unconditionally can also mean taking our distance from certain people or situations because they are detrimental to our own wellbeing.
As we move deeper into our journey of wellness, we collect tools along the way that equip us to face a myriad of challenges without losing sight of the bigger picture.

My work is very much about empowering each man, woman and child who attend my classes or private consultations to tap into their own resources, gorw and blossom and tap into their inner strength, inner light.

At this time of spring, we witness on a daily basis the miracle of new life emerging from the darkness of the soil after the long winter. Hope is in the air and we feel a little burst of freshness coming through.
This is the ideal time to focus on our intention for the coming months: what do we wish to bring to fruition this year?  

A couple of weeks ago, I was invited to help Virgin Media Television Ireland AM‘s viewers to beat Blue Monday with Laughter Yoga. You can watch the clip here:

Planting the seeds of joy is a great way to kick off the spring.
By bringing Laughter Yoga to your place of work, community group, hen party, schools and colleges and corporate or private event, you are cementing deeper connection between members of your community while releasing endorphins and creating a general feel good factor.
Whatever you and your loved ones were facing is still there but you have empowered them and yourself to deal with it without crumbling apart.

Marie Angeline Lascaux
inner gift book by Marie Angeline Lascaux.


I would love to hear what you think of my first book: “Inner Gift, a Guide to Self-Healing”, which is available through the website and in Om Shanti Studio as well as in  The Hill of Tara  Gift Shop, Loop de Loop in Castletownbere, Passage West Creates, An Lar in Dunlavin. Have you tried all the exercises and meditations? Has it helped you step away from the merry-go-round and reconnect with your own center of wellness?

As always, I love to hear from you. You are the reason I do what I do. And whether our paths crossed only once or you have been a regular visitor to Om Shanti Studio, know that your presence has been noted and valued.

We are all one. By acknolwedging that we are all on a similar journey regardless of our perceived differences, we are moving closer to the ultimate goal of our presence on earth at this time. Yes, it is an extremely challenging time to be here and yet so amazingly exciting to be part of the unfolding of a new reality where love and peace take central stage and where we finally recognise ourselves in each other.

Keep in touch and let me know what would be of interest to you in your own healing journey.
Much love and Imbolc Blessings.

Keep your light shining brightly,