Helping your Employees to cope with Life & Work during, and after, the Pandemic Crisis  

The psychological impacts of the pandemic include anxiety, stress, fear, frustration, isolation & loneliness, which can affect the health, welfare and productivity of your employees.

Our Wellness programme offers practical techniques to reduce stress levels and bring a sense of balance, focus and clarity.

Self-care tools will be offered to the participants, with useful tips and clear guidance on how to remain centred, calm, present, and at peace.    


Benefits of a Wellness programme tailored to your needs:

  • Reduces Stress
  • Increases concentration and motivation
  • Improves resilience and stamina
  • Creates a connection and feel-good factor within the team
  • Improves mood, performance and productivity


—Marie Angeline has taught me how to relax, stay calm and breathe.” Margaret Johnson

—“You leave feeling a deep sense of peace and well-being” Cliona Corbett

—“ I felt so empowered” Maire O’Neill

—“Marie Angeline taught me to trust my intuition and learn by putting the theory into practice. Her unwavering support and guidance has led me to be courageous” Eileen Sheehan

corporate wellness
Companies  Marie Angeline has worked for include:

Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Verve, Laya Healthcare, UCD, Coca-Cola, Matheson, Bank of Ireland, Axa, Accenture, Riot Games, Jigsaw, Laurallyn, Macro Community, Enable Ireland, Child Vision, Southside Partnership, Vodafone, Roghan and O’Donovan, Swan, Thinkandblink, Notre Dame, Cabinteely Community School.

Package Options Available

  • Individual Techniques or Customised programmes available
  • Price range varies depending on package chosen
  • Options include interactive sessions online or on site,
  • E-booklet and recorded material

Your Coach

About Marie Angeline

Marie Angeline has over twenty years’ experience of coaching stress reducing techniques and team building exercises which she tailors to the needs of her clients.

She is committed to deliver quality tuition tailored to the needs of groups and individuals, to promote a healthy lifestyle and to encourage positive changes in people’s lives.

In promoting health and well-being, she is offering a model of healthy living with effective, easy to use Resilience Techniques, concentration exercises, and physical fitness tailored to the needs of each group.

She is a very experienced Yoga Teacher and facilitator who works with great energy, and sensitivity, guiding each person to their potential.

Get in touch with Spring into Life today to find out about our tailor-made personal, group and corporate options.

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