A wonderful way to integrate a Yoga routine without having to leave your desk!

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What is Chair Yoga?

  • gentle form of yoga which is practiced with a chair
  • interactive session on site or online
  • wonderful way to integrate a yoga routine in your life if you are spending a lot of time sitting due to the nature of your work
  • can be practiced if you have restricted mobility following trauma, injury, or surgery
  • helps you to regain strength, flexibility and confidence in your body.
  • great way to socialize and practice yoga safely
  • releases tight muscles
  • improves posture and concentration
  • helps to develop inner calm
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Chair Yoga will assist you in regaining strength and flexibility and regain confidence in your body.

It is also a great way to socialize and practice yoga safely, improve your focus and concentration and gain inner peace. You feel more centered and rise up and do your best.

A typical session includes:

  • centering, gentle stretching and limbering
  • breathing techniques
  • guided meditation
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