Whether you are an adult or a teenager, stress can creep on you with debilitating effect on your mood, performance, productivity, concentration and ability to focus and you may experience headaches, sleeplessness, low energy, frequents colds and flus, or general unhappiness. 

Taking part in a wellness program can assist in increasing your motivation and ability to focus, improve your concentration and stamina, help you keep in shape physically, mentally and emotionally, and decrease anxiety and stress levels within yourself. Improve your lifestyle behaviour and create a feel good factor within yourself. 

The first step is to be become aware of your physical body and practice some breathing and relaxation techniques that will enable you to move from the business of your mind to a greater awareness of your body and breath. You then learn to really feel what it is like inside your body and as you scan your body you become aware of which parts of you specifically hold onto tension. As you focus on the parts of you that feel tight or tense, you give permission for the tension to leave your body to leave your body. 

Your state of mind is always a personal choice. At times it might not feel that way. You may feel that the whole world is against you, that there is no way out. 

What if I told you, that you and you alone, hold the key that will open the door to new opportunities, a new way to be...

I have taught yoga for wellbeing for over 20 years in a wide range of settings from Montessori schools to actively retired groups, transition year students, Young professionals, busy parents, mums to be, from young athletic bodies to adults and children with restricted mobility.    

I love teaching yoga as part of the school completion program. Giving young adults a glimpse of what is possible when we stay present and focus on new possibilities that emerge when you stop fighting, when you accept what is, and are prepared to put your energy into what it is your heart really calls you to do.