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Reiki Healing



Reiki is an ancient art of using the universal life force to activate our potential for self-healing, for becoming whole. It is easy to use, natural and a very powerful tool in our spiritual enfolding.


Reiki connects us with the source and the essence of life.

It deepens our awareness of our own divine essence

It strengthens our intuition and our clarity

It releases emotional blockages

It releases stress and creates deep relaxation

It activates the body’s natural ability to heal itself.


What happens during a Reiki treatment?

You usually lie down on a plinth (massage table) fully clothed, while the Reiki practitioner uses gentle, non-intrusive touch, allowing the Reiki energy to flow through her hands.


A Reiki session works like a “jump start “, helping you to reconnect more fully with your own spiritual essence, with the flow of life force in you. The energy comes directly from the highest power and it always adjusts to the receiver. It detoxifies the body and raises the vibration of the whole energy system. The energy’s inherent wisdom will find the cause of an ailment and will harmonize body, mind, emotions and spirit as needed.



You can become a channel for the Reiki energy through attunements or initiations. These cleanse and activate a channel for the healing energy in you and empower you to literally take your healing in your own hands.

Tera Mai REIKI  Level 1

Learn how to channel healing energy and activate your body’s natural abilities to heal. You will also learn to cleanse, expand and protect your energy field and how to support friends and family members on their healing journey. €195-   Book with Marie Angeline


Tera Mai REIKI  Level 2

Learn sacred Reiki symbols, distance healing, protection and grounding, cutting of the ties, and much more in a healing and nurturing atmosphere €295- (Pre-requisite Reiki 1)    Book with Marie Angeline


Tera Mai REIKI  Practitioner Module
Learn what is required to bring Reiki into meaningful professional setting where those coming to you can benefit in the best possible way in a healing and nurturing atmosphere €350- (Pre-requisite Reiki 2)    Book with Marie Angeline


Tera Mai REIKI  Level 3 

Learn powerful Master symbols to attune more fully with the source of healing and to enhance your meditation. You will also learn sacred symbols for planetary healing and will be introduced to a powerful technique to clear your energy and activate your kundalini, in a healing and  nurturing atmosphere €350- (Pre-requisite Reiki 2)    Book with Marie Angeline


Tera Mai REIKI  Teacher Module
Learn how to channel sacred Reiki intitiation and what is required to effectively transmit Reiki with integrity to your students. the course will also include a recap of Reiki 1,2,3 €350- (Pre-requisite Reiki 3 + practitioner module)    Book with Marie Angeline




Have you trained in Reiki? Would you like to meet other Reiki practitioners, refresh your practice, receive additional tips from and lie down to receive a Reiki Healing? Our Reiki Healing circle meets monthly to give support and healing to each other.

Next Reiki Healing Circle Thursday evening May 24th

reiki circleaura soma circle

reiki group healing

Upon arrival, you will be greeted with the amazing range of Aura-Soma bottles and invited to select the one which will support your energy during the healing.

You  then take your place in the healing circle,  centre your energy through a short guided meditation, share about your experience with Reiki, set a clear intention for the healing. The group then pairs up to share Reiki with clear directions from teacher, taking turns to give and receive healing.

We close with a circle of light  and send absent healing with our loved ones and with the rest of the world.

Prerequisite: having been initiated into Reiki. Book with Marie Angeline

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