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Tera Mai Reiki

Tera Mai Reiki Training Courses

 – all levels from complete beginners to teacher

 Have you ever wondered what life would be like if you were somehow able to take your healing into your own hands? If you could induce yourself into a state of deep relaxation simply by placing your hands on your body? If you could activate your body’s natural ability to heal itself and boost your immune system at no cost and with no equipment required?
Have you ever wished that you could assist a loved one at times of stress or illness? That you could somehow help them on their path to relaxation and recovery?

I found the answer to all these queries back in 1996 when I first discovered Reiki. I probably was one of the most skeptic on the training course at the time but the results spoke for themselves.  In the last 22 years, I have assisted countless people on their healing journey…
Reiki has opened doors I never thought possible. It has created endless possibilities in my life and brought me in contact with wonderful people filled with positive energy. I have witnessed people healing themselves, and becoming empowered, free from negative patterns and strong in their ability to create a new reality for themselves. And what I like about it, is that you can give yourself Reiki in the comfort of your own bed and it works! 

Would you like to feel more energized, more relaxed, more centered? to re-ignite your own creativity and boost your body natural ability to heal itself?  to deepen your awareness and understanding of life force energy, holistic health and the mind-body connection and learn how to use your hands to enhance your body natural ability to heal itself?

This promises to be an uplifting experience with like minded souls.

Through this course, you will learn powerful healing techniques for calming your mind, body and spirit, for relieving stress and pain, for increasing your well-being and for bringing deeper insight, healing and balance to yourself, friends and family.

Reiki is natural, easy to use and can be a very powerful tool in your spiritual unfolding. It activates and increases your natural ability to heal yourself and to accelerate someone else’s healing process by transferring energy to him or her through your hands.  Through Reiki, you connect with the Source and the Essence of Life, strengthen your Intuition and emotional blockages.

It helps to detoxify your body and to raise the vibration of your energy while harmonizing Body, Mind, Emotions and Spirit, empowering you to literally take your healing into your own hands.

I just have one more place available on the next Reiki course which begins this Sunday March 25th at 10 am. The course will last two full days (second day April 22nd) plus a half day and cost only €195 including tuition fee, refreshments, course materials and Reiki Level 1 Certificate..
If you have already completed this course, you can attend it again for highly reduced rate.  
Don’t wait for the next course… Apply now! You will be amazed at the wonderful changes this will bring into your daily life!  Book with Marie Angeline

I first learned Reiki in 1996 and it completely changed my life. It has generated a wealth of positive energy and amazing opportunities to allow me to grow at so many levels. I have no doubt you will thoroughly enjoy it all. 

  A full day of gentle healing learning (or refreshing) this ancient art of hands on healing. we will gather in a healing circle and raise the energy in the room in preparation for the initiation. After your Reiki one attunement, we will share lunch and then spend the afternoon in meditative self-healing practice. We will close with a circle of light.

This course will be followed up with another full day, learning (or refreshing) how to give Reiki chair treatments including mental clearing, emotional clearing, chakra balancing. We will share lunch and after lunch you will each get a chance to give and receive a full Reiki session on the plinth. We will close with a circle of light.

This will be followed up by half day Reiki practice.

Deposit €100- Balance: €95- on first day of course.  Book with Marie Angeline

If you already completed Reiki Level 1, would you be interested in learning sacred symbols to amplify the healing? to find out more about how to protect, cleanse and expand your own energy field? to learn how to send healing to your loved ones across the globe? to send healing to your inner child? to cut the ties with negative patterns or the impact a person or situation still has on your life, years after the original event occurred? 
Tera Mai Reiki level 2 will bring you all these and more….  

Tera Mai Reiki Level two: May 13th & 27th  from 10 am to 5 pm + 2 half days

Deepen your Reiki experience with Tera Mai Reiki Level 2 on Sunday February 7th & 21st, at this time of renewal, a powerful time for your to receive the Tera Mai Reiki 2 initiation, learn sacred healing symbols, distance healing, healing the past, empowering the future, clearing karmic issues, grounding, and much more. Prerequisite: Reiki Level 1. Deposit €100- Balance: €195- payable on first day of course. Book with Marie Angeline


Tera Mai Reiki Practitioner Module
one full day plus two half days

learn what is required to bring Reiki into meaningful professional setting where those coming to you can benefit in the best possible way in a healing and nurturing atmosphere.

14 hours tuition, client care, case studies, health and safety and much more in a healing and nurturing atmosphere.

Pre-requisite Reiki 2.  Deposit €100- Balance €250- payable on first day of course. Book with Marie Angeline


Tera Mai Reiki Level 3
two full  days

learn powerful Master symbols to attune more fully with the source of healing and to enhance your meditation. You will also learn sacred symbols for planetary healing and will be introduced to a powerful technique to clear your energy and activate your kundalini, in a healing and  nurturing atmosphere

Deposit €100- Balance €250- payable on first day of course. (Pre-requisite Reiki 2)    Book with Marie Angeline

Tera Mai Reiki Teacher Module
two full  days

learn how to channel sacred Reiki intitiation and what is required to effectively transmit Reiki with integrity to your students. the course will also include a recap of Reiki 1,2,3

Deposit €100- Balance €250- payable on first day of course. (Pre-requisite Reiki 3 + practitioner module)    Book with Marie Angeline

Reiki Healing



Marie Angeline Lascaux  trained in Tera-Mai Reiki and she has been giving Reiki treatments in Dublin since 1996 and teaching Reiki Healing since 2000.

Reiki Initiations are taught in small groups,  with plenty of individual attention

Private  Consultations can be arranged for Reiki treatments & Cutting of the ties

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