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Pregnancy Yoga

Pregnancy Yoga with Marie Angeline Lascaux

Pregnancy Yoga Monday 8.30 pm to 9.30 pm

Pregnancy yoga

Stretch, breathe, relax, unwind, connect with your body & with your baby and prepare for birth in a safe, comfortable, healing & nurturing environment. Reconnect with the true essence of  womanhood in all its beauty, magic and mystery, increasing your chances of giving birth in an atmosphere that is loving, nurturing and supportive. By appointment.

Marie Angeline has been practicing Yoga since 1989.  The Pregnancy Yoga class was inspired by Marie Angeline’s direct experience using Yoga to remain fit and healthy during her own pregnancies and as a sole pain relief during labour and birth.  She was inspired by Janet Balaskas and Michel Odent.  She began teaching Pregnancy Yoga in January 1998 and was one of the pioneers in this field in Ireland.  Her approach is intuitive and deeply supportive, assisting expecting parents to tap into their own inner power, connect with their baby and expanding the range of options open to them.  Book with Marie Angeline


Pregnancy yoga class


Pregnancy Yoga with Marie Angeline Lascaux

When I was 16 weeks pregnant on my first baby I went for a complimentary therapy session. The therapist noticed my bad posture and poor shallow breathing. She said that I was not doing the baby any good with my bad posture and poor breathing. She suggested I attend pregnancy yoga classes.

I searched on the internet and I came across Marie Angeline’s website. I booked into the classes immediately. Marie Angeline tailors the exercises for expectant                                                                                               mums with a big emphasis on the breath and letting go of tension.

Relaxing after classEvery month she holds a class where the birth partner can come along and learn yoga movements to help the mum. It made my husband feel he could help me. I continued with the yoga right up to a day before the birth. Marie Angeline’s stories of the births of her children and how she had used yoga movements and dance to help them into this world made me realise that, unless medically necessary, there is no need for drug pain relief. I felt so empowered knowing I had a choice as to how I wanted to give birth.

My daughter was born using yoga movements and without drug pain relief. My husband was delighted to be able to help me during the birth using yoga also. When I was pregnant on my second baby I also attended Marie Angeline’s pregnancy yoga classes and again had a drug free birth using only yoga movements.

I am so delighted I found her. I have never felt so empowered in my whole life as when I gave birth to my 2 children by using only yoga and breath to bring them into the world.

Maire (Dublin)


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