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Stepping into Samhain?

Here is to a new beginning…
At this time of Samhain, I am having a lot of conversations with friends who find this time of the year challenging…. As we prepare to move into the darker time of the year, our psyche is moving into different gear too.
All the expansive feelings we felt during summer months are fading away.  Many are tired, some feel demoralized….Life can be so busy at times!
More than ever, it is important to make time to breathe, to acknowledge our inner softness, to listen to the wisdom of our body when it tells us that it is tired and in need of rest.
Many animal species hibernate during winter months….
Nature is so beautiful with golden colours all around us, reminding us that we too can access our own pot of gold, right at the center of our being…. It isn’t in some of us, it is in all of us. If you feel anxious, agitated, drained, unable to rest, and challenged by decision making, this feeling of being off-center is a sign that it is time to restock….
Samhain is the doorway into a deeper consciousness with the help of our allies from the spirit world.
We are called to take notice, to present ourselves in our entirety, to move deeper within and retrieve our lost soul parts….
There are many ways to achieve this and each of us have developed techniques over years of soul searching that work for us. And sometimes, it is good to try a new approach, to allow ourselves to feel inspired by another, to explore with a “beginner’s mind”.
There is so much to be gained when we allow ourselves to step away from the Ego who knows everything and actually really doesn’t know half as much as it claims to and enter more fully into the marshmallownness of our beautiful heart and soul.
Let yourself cry those tears without wallowing in self-pity, feel the fire of your anger and use it to bring the changes you want to see around you… and most importantly, allow yourself to seep into stillness to nourish those inner parts and create a rich soil from which the new you can grow…..
You are the main actor on the stage of your life and you have the power to redesign its course as it enfolds day by day….
From Samhain to Imbilc, is a time of deep relflection of inner alchemy….
It is time to say goodbye to the habits that no longer work for us and breathe in a new way to be in this troubled world.
Imbolc will bring us the renewal we need and new opportunities to manifest our dreams.
But first, we really need to rest and let it all go. Let it all go. Let it all go…..

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