Would you like to step away from the merry-go-round, take time off from our daily routine to reconnect with your own inner peace?

A residential retreat gives you a great opportunity for introspection.

As you move into deeper stillness, you develop a greater awareness of what your body really needs and to find new ways to nurture yourself.

The sense of well-being experienced at the retreat can then be brought into your daily life in practical ways.

You are free to leave behind what you no longer wish to carry forward and embrace a new you filled with gentleness, inner strength and resilience.

It can often also be an opportunity to make new like-minded friends who will enrich your life...

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Zen Retreat in Sunny Algarve
October 11-18, 2019

Yoga on the Beach
Shamanic Yoga Dance
Moonlight | Meditations
Chakra Clearing | Aura-Soma
Laughter Yoga | Mantra Singing

To bring gentle nurturing to your body, mind and spirit, promote positive lifestyle changes, experience gentle healing and deep relaxation.

or Call Marie Angeline Lascaux 086 8242033

✓ Fully equipped yoga centre
✓ Intuitive teacher and healer
✓ Nutritious organic vegetarian food
✓ 10 acres fruit garden
✓ 15 min from Faro airport
✓ Golden sandy beaches
✓ Comfortable accommodation
✓ Private swimming pools
✓ Early bird from €780


Call Marie Angeline Lascaux  086 8242033
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About Marie Angeline Lascaux

I bring twenty years experience leading zen retreats in Ireland and Portugal, promoting health and wellbeing tailored to the needs of each group.

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