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Reiki with Marie Angeline Lascaux

Reiki with Marie Angeline Lascaux

Several years ago I was studying complimentary therapy and I felt I needed a healing tool that would help me be more intuitive and in–touch with the people who came to me for therapy. I had done yoga with Marie Angeline and I really liked her intuitive way of working. I was aware that she also used other healing tools. I enquired about a course in healing and coincidentally she was soon going to be teaching the first level of Reiki – Reiki 1. I wasn’t sure what Reiki was but I was delighted to find out that it is a simple-to-use, hands-on healing tool but very gentle and powerful at the same time. The course is a weekend course and over the weekend we were given course notes and initiated into Reiki 1. There was lots of time to practice Reiki on each other. Marie Angeline organised that our group meet up for a practice session about a month later. It was good to feel that Marie Angeline was there to support us after doing Reiki 1. Interestingly in my head I had decided that I was only going to learn Reiki 1 but I enjoyed it so much and felt so much support from Marie Angeline that I went on to be initiated in all 3 levels of Reiki and also went on to do the Master/Teacher training. Marie Angeline organises practice sessions every couple of months for anyone who has been initiated into Reiki so even if you don’t have clients or don’t want to work professionally you can still get lots of practice in. If anyone asks me where to do a Reiki course I always pass on Marie Angeline’s phone number. I’m probably biased but I wouldn’t choose any other teacher.

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