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Reconnecting: 3. Web of Healing

In this programme, the impact of addiction on family members is discussed as well as a comprehensive web of avenues and approaches that bring healing to the whole family.

  • Joe whose son is a heroin addict
  • Renowned singer Frances black
  • and Roisin, whose son is addicted to weed
  • Discuss the effect of addiction on family members.
  • Native American Indian Waylon White Deer shares his heart break on finding about his daughter’s addiction.
  • Joe and Roisin explain how they both lost their son through addiction.
  • Joe and Dr. Fiona Weldon, Rutland Centre Clinical Director share about support groups for family members.
  • Coolmine Therapeutic Staff Member Anita Harris
  • and former Rutland Centre Clinical Director Dr. Fiona Weldon discuss the approaches offered in Coolmine, Ashley House and the Rutland Centre to integrate the needs of the families affected by the addiction of a loved one and what is needed to break the intergenerational cycle.
  • Addiction counsellor Stephen Rowen and
  • Coolmine Therapeutic Staff Member Anita Harris discuss the benefits of counselling and mindfulness for recovering addicts.
  • Addiction counsellor Stephen Rowen and reknown singer Frances Black stress the importance of a wholesome approach to recovery for the whole family.

Sadly Joe’s son passed shortly after we recorded this programme. Our thoughts are with Joe’s family.

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