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Path to Serenity

The road to recovery can at times feel like a lengthy process. Yet it can also be a joyful one. Each day, there are new discoveries to be made within your body, mind and spirit.

Oftentimes, challenges bring us the greatest insights. We discover where our true strength lies.

As we step out of summer months and prepare for autumn, we find ourselves attuning to the seasons within ourselves.

Approaching autumn within our own inner cycles with more clarity helps us to adapt to the various needs within and around us.

Whatever life brings to us, no matter what we find ourselves faced with, there is one constancy that will sustain us through and this is found at the deepest part of our being.

The key lies in our ability to step back, release our fears and anxieties about what we perceive our situation to be and develop a greater awareness of our body in the here and now.

By delving inwards, and accessing our inner centre, we are accessing guidance and attuning ourselves with the bigger picture.

This is not just the yogi path, it is the path to serenity.

Our internal journey is then mirrored externally, supported by magical synchronicity.

The organic enfolding of our life’s greater purpose can now take place in a harmonious and peaceful manner.

Life is a miracle. It is full of beautiful moments waiting to be grasped, enjoyed, and lived through.

Nurture your dreams and allow the universe to show you the best way in which these can manifest.

Keep your eyes and heart wide open and let yourself dance through the sheer mystery of life.


Marie Angeline © 2016

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