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To meditate is to be present in the moment.  So much much energy is being wasted worrying about things that happened in the past which cannot be undone, or about what may or may not happen in the future.  To meditate is to clear your mind, reconnect with your own essence and find inner peace.

Do you feel tired after the long winter months? Maybe you have been working too hard and not getting enough “me time”? How would it feel like to create more space in your week to replenish and nurture yourself in a gentle, non-intrusive way? and what is the best way to bring yourself back to a place a equilibrium?   

Mantra singing 

Have you tried meditation but found it hard to sit motionless witnessing your inner thoughts? Would you like to find a way to quieten the mind and clear the cobwebs that keep you from moving forward? to do so in a creative way? Mantra singing combines the healing power of sound, breath and rhythm, restoring the natural flow of energy through the body-mind-spirit, re-balancing the chemistry of our brain, our nervous and endocrine systems, and releasing chronic stress and tension from our bodies. Sanskrit is the most ancient language and the root of all other languages and because of this, it resonates directly with something deep within ourselves.  Mantras cleanse our mind and also protect our mind. There is a Mantra for just about anything and we can use specific mantras for love, peace, new beginnings, healing, enlightenment, protection or to remove blocks and unleash your full potential. Singing in a group bring a sense of community and the effects of our practice carry through many aspects of our daily life. It is a wonderful, relaxing way to wind-down from our daily activities and nurture a deeper aspect of our being. If you prefer not to sit and sing, you can also lie down and receive the energetic vibrations of the mantras sang by the group.

Our next Mindfulness and Mantra singing will be held on Friday July 27th  from 8 to 9 pm in Om Shanti Studio  Book with Marie Angeline

Shamanic Meditations to honour the Celtic Wheel of the year

Shamanic Meditations are led with the beat of the drum, mirroring our own heartbeat. We journey within ourselves to reconnect with our own divine essence in harmony with the rhythms of nature:

The Celtic Wheel of the Year begins with Samhain (Halloween) when the veil between the seen and the seen is thinner and it is easier to access angels, spirit guides and  our loved ones who have departed from this world. With Samhain, we enter into the darker phase of the year, a phase of letting go…..

The Winter Solstice is the shorter day of the year and from this day onward the amount of daylight increases each day until the Summer Solstice  and so celebrate the return of the light. At this time of deep introspection, we turn our attention inwards to the parts of us in need of healing and we give it  breath and gentle nurturing during these winter months

Imbolc (Brigid’s day) is the beginning of the spring.  It is a time of new beginning and the perfect time to plant the seeds as what it is we wish to bring to fruition this coming year….

At the time of Spring Equinox, day and night are equal and we find out what is needed to bring ourselves back to a place of balance and equilibrium.

On Bealtaine (May day), a fire is traditionally lit on the Hill of Uisneach to celebrate the coming of summer, giving the signal for hills across the whole island to ignite their own fires. This is a great time to re-ignite our own inner fire and pour our energy into the projects close to our heart.

The Summer Solstice is a time of great expansion. The light is at its peak and we are celebrating our own inner light as well as seeing the light in each other.

Lughnasagh is the Celtic name for Lammas, and we celebrate the “first fruits” of harvest. This is a time of celebration when  we ripe the fruits of the  seeds we planted earlier and the time and energy poured into bringing our dreams into being….

Much like the Spring Equinox, when day and night are equal, the Autumn Equinox  is an opportunity to bring ourselves back to a place of balance and equilibrium as we approach a new cycle in the Celtic Wheel of the Year.


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