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Looking after your Energy

Looking after your Energy

As a Holistic therapist, caring for oneself with the same dedication than
the one we pour into our loved ones and clients is not a luxury. It is an
absolute necessity. As we get busier, and more and more demands are
made on our time and energy, those of us with a caring personality can
so easily put aside our own needs in order to respond to what is being
asked from us both in this world and at an esoteric level and we can at
times neglect to apply to ourselves the quintessential tools we have
learned and which have assisted us in our personal growth. It is
important for us to cultivate the ability to stand back, re-centre
ourselves and re-fill our well.

I find Yoga and the Aura-Soma Colour System very supportive of my
work and the subtlety of my energy field. The more you open up to your
intuitive mind and the spirit world, the more crucial it becomes to gather
resources as well as placing filters of protection around you.

Tuning in with ourselves each day is vital and any spiritual practice,
however brief, can make a huge difference to our own vibration and
how we respond to others, especially at challenging times.

From time to time, it can be very useful to take ourselves away from the
business of everyday life and go into a retreat so we can re-connect with
our own essence, and care gently and lovingly for our soul.

Peeling away all the distractions from our daily routine is crucial in order
to bring clarity and insight, receive guidance as to what the next step in
our journey is, what our own needs are, and how we can best achieve
the challenging task of marrying our physical reality with our spiritual
practice, building a permanent bridge between the seen and the

For some of us, it can be difficult to take ourselves away from work and
family commitments, but these “gifts to ourselves” can be a real boost
and sometimes a turning point in our own healing journey.

We are currently riding turbulent waves as the energy of the earth is re-
adjusting and everything we had taken for granted is being put to the

One of my students talked about her experience during her walk on
“Camino del Santiago”. She spent 4 weeks walking, setting off at sunrise
each day with a rug sack which she obviously tried to keep as light as
possible. And what struck her was that all she really needed was
contained in that small bag. It put a lot of things into perspective.

It isn’t so much what we do that matters but the way we do what we
do. Whether we go on a hike for a few days, part take in a residential
course or a silent retreat, the benefits are highly tangible. It enables us
to tap into the abundance of our own inner resources and all the
support that is available to us at any given moment.

The group energy over a sustained period of time acts as a catalyst
propelling us in the direction that is of greatest benefit to us at this
given moment, remain calm, centred and focused amidst chaos and
continue to be a clear channel through which the energy of love and
light can flow in abundance and ripple out in every single aspect of our
lives and of all those who chose to walk onto the same path.

Marie Angeline Lascaux (© 2011)


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