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Look at the Stars……

In this beautiful spring day, your heart is allowed to leap with joy. Even though there may be sadness and even resentment and anger in your life, you have after all made it to this day and that is a huge achievement. No matter what has been troubling you, the universe has brought you tools to enable you to achieve your potential. Those people and events who have touched your heart, who have brought your wounds more clearly to the surface, were the gift bearers. I know it may sound weird to you or over simplistic but that is what it boils down to.
All the thoughts and energy you have been giving to feeling hard done by doesn’t serve you. It makes you feel smaller than you actually are.
Look at the stars, these tiny dots of golden light in the night sky. They are far from insignificant. They bring peace to your soul, if you spend long enough connecting with their light.  They are magnificent and infinitely larger than you can even imagine.  And so are you.
I have seen you. I have met your soul. I know your beauty. I know your strength. I know your courage. I know you have at your disposal all that is needed to move forward in a good and healthy way, in a manner that serves you best, that gives you a warmth within and around your heart.
If you need reminding, I will be here, holding a beautiful mirror to you……

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