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Feeling down?

This is a new day.
Do not live this day out of the old one.

Let go of what happened in the past.
Let go of what may happen in the future.
Allow yourself to live this day fully.

Remind yourself of your precious gifts:
– your skills and knowledge
– your innate nature
– your ability to face challenges
– the experience you built over the years

Ask yourself:
How can I put my qualities to the service of others?
How can I be of service to the world? To my community?

Don’t waste time in self-doubt or self-pity
You are where you are.
But you don’t have to stay stuck.

Your life is a precious gift.
You cannot afford to let the days drift away and then regret later that you didn’t get things going for yourself in the way you were meant to.

Find an occupation that will help you make use of your talents and allow you to blossom fully.
It is here. Probably right in front of you.

Take yourself out of your shell.
Feel the breeze on your face.
Look at the colours around you.
Put on some of your old favourite music.
Let your body dance to it.

Bring yourself back to life.
You have been wounded but you can and will heal.
Give the universe a chance to show you how.
This is the moment.
Embrace it.

You are unique.
Your gifts and talents are needed in this world.
You can move forward one step at the time.
You can distance yourself from the past, shed your old skin
Allow yourself to feel vulnerable for a while, like a new-born emerging from the womb.

Smile – especially if you don’t feel like it.
Allow yourself to love again: a song, your pet, a place of beauty.

Stand up strong.
You can surf through the storms.

Love and blessings
Marie Angeline Lascaux

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