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Dance & Creative Writing

Dance and Creative Writing

Have you ever wished you could dance to your heart content, write a book or share your inner thoughts?  Would you like to gather with other aspiring artists to raise your vibration, dance to the sound of world music, write  from your  heart without fear or inhibition, and share stories in a nurturing and supportive spirit?

This is a wonderful gathering of like minded souls who together raise their vibration while dancing to the sound of world music and writing from the heart while enjoying delicious treats and warm cups of herbal tea….then sharing stories in a nurturing and supportive spirit.  Book with Marie Angeline

Unlock your Creativity by allowing your body to move freely to the sound of world music, experience deep relaxation through a guided visualisation and explore your subconscious mind by allowing your pen to move freely in a safe, healing and nurturing group where active listening to self and others form the essence of this time dedicated to nurturing body and soul. No experience necessary. Suits beginners as well as those wishing to move deeper into their artistic career.We gather to remove the blocks within our own energy and unleash our creative spirit and replenish through a willingness to open up to and trust this process.Pictures: Portrait above by Cissi Kansky. Group pictures below by Martin Mc Ghee

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Healing YogaDance & Creativity Om Shanti Studio Sandyford

Let go of expectations and trust as you stretch, breathe, dance, relax, unwind, meditate , and open the channel to your creativity in a self-supporting group where you learn to practice dance and creative writing as a meditation practice and where active listening to your own inner world and each other form the essence of this healing and nurturing time dedicated to coming home to yourself. No experience needed… just a willingness to be open and receptive. Book with Marie Angeline

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