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This documentary explores how addiction alienates and injures Irish families and communities and then reconnects through a journey of healing and shared understandings.

In this series doctors, psychologists, counsellors, recovering addicts and family members, give compelling insights into the dark and gruesome world of addiction as well as revealing effective avenues of recovery that heal wounds and build faith and strength.

These raw and sensitive revelations may be upsetting to the listeners at times but they also leave behind an abiding hope.

The music that punctuates the interviews on this programme was selected for its relevance to the topics discussed and was generously contributed by Irish singer song writer Damien Dempsey and North Dublin rappers Lethal Dialect and James Costello.

Programme one : Facts and fiction about addiction

In this programme, you will hear the clear facts and fiction about addiction from our panel of experts including a doctor, a priest, a well-known singer, a famous actor, a rapper, addiction professionals and a recovering addict:
•    Peter Mc Verry Trust founder Father Peter Mc Verry
•    & Coolmine Therapeutic Community Staff Member Anita Harris
open a window onto the drug scene in Ireland

•    Blanchardstown  rapper James Costello &
•    Love Hate Actor John Connors talk about addiction in North Dublin and in the travellers community
•    &  Father Peter Mc Verry shows that it also affects people from middle class backgrounds

•    Dartry addiction Counsellor Stephen Rowen
•     Coolmine Therapeutic Community Staff Member Anita Harris &
•    former Rutland Centre Clinical Director Dr. Fiona Weldon
discuss the facts and fiction about addiction including prescription tablets, methadone and the hidden dangers of cannabis.

•    Coolmine Therapeutic Staff Member Anita Harris,
•    and Father Peter Mc. Verry  give us an insight into the emotions driving to drug use while
•    Dr. Edmund O’ Flaherty explains  how the chemistry of the grain can have an impact on addiction.

•    Senior Nurse Manager at Blackrock Centre for Living  Brian Maguire talks about the connection between addiction and mental health &
•    Irish singer, song writer Damien Dempsey brings in the spiritual and aspect.

Programme Two: From Darkness to Light

In this programme, recovering addicts highlight their journey from the depths of despair to places of faith and hope. You will hear from a renowned singer, a well-known actor, an addiction counsellor, and recovering addicts
•    Renowned singer Frances black,
•    addiction counsellor Declan
•    & recovering addict James
explain how addiction got hold of them

•    Recovering addict James and Tina, talk about their addiction’s spiralling

•    Recovering addicts Tina,
•    addiction counsellor Declan,
•    renowned singer Frances Black, and
•    Love/Hate Actor Stephen Clinch share their journey into recovery

Programme three:Web of Healing

In this programme, the impact of addiction on family members is discussed as well as a comprehensive web of avenues and approaches that bring healing to the whole family.

•    Joe whose son is a heroin addict
•    Renowned singer Frances black
•    and Roisin, whose son is addicted to weed
•    discuss the effect of addiction on family members.

•    Native American Indian Waylon White Deer shares his heart break on finding about his daughter’s addiction.

•    Joe and Roisin explain how they both lost their son through addiction.
•    Joe and Dr. Fiona Weldon, Rutland Centre Clinical Director share about support groups for family members.

•    Coolmine Therapeutic Staff Member Anita Harris
•    and former Rutland Centre Clinical Director Dr. Fiona Weldon discuss the approaches offered in Coolmine, Ashley House and the Rutland Centre to integrate the needs of the families affected by the addiction of a loved one and what is needed to break the intergenerational cycle.

•    Addiction counsellor Stephen Rowen and
•    Coolmine Therapeutic Staff Member Anita Harris discuss the benefits of counselling and mindfulness for recovering addicts.
•    Addiction counsellor Stephen Rowen and reknown singer Frances Black stress the importance of a wholesome approach to recovery for the whole family.

Sadly Joe’s son passed shortly after we recorded this programme. Our thoughts are with Joe’s family.

Programme Four: Spreading Hope in the Community

In this programme, we are examining North Dublin’s Ballymun as a sample community that has come a long way in the struggle against addiction and you will hear from outreach program in South Dublin that provide a range of drug recovery methods and mental health related services. You also learn of Native American/holistic addiction recovery methods including sweat lodges, drumming, and spirituality and how such approaches are gaining popularity

•    Director of Ballymun Poppintree project Ray Corcoran and
•    Dun Laoghaire Rathdown outreach programme Team Leader Christy Rankin
discuss the impact of community work to help to prevent and heal addiction.

•    Native American Indian Waylon Gary Whitedeer opens a window into the native American approach to recovery.

•    Joe  shares about the importance of a compassionate approach to those in addiction while Darren Maguire explains how dance can bring bliss and happiness without the use of drugs.

•    Blancharstown rapper James Costello, Director of Ballymun Poppintree project Ray Corcoran and Ballymun Community youth worker Dean Scurry share the need of the community to help recovering addicts.

Programme five: Moving Forward

In this programme, we will examine what is needed from us as individuals, families and communities to move forward through the ongoing struggle of addiction and recovery.

•    Ballymun Community youth worker Dean Scurry
•    Peter Mc Verry Trust Founder Father Peter Mc Verry
•    & Senior Nurse Manager of the  Blackrock Centre for Living Brian Maguire
share the needs to for our society to change their attitude towards addiction

•    Blanchardstown rapper James Costello
•    former Dun Laoghaire Rathdown Outreach Programme Team Leader, Christy Rankin
•    & Addiction Counsellor Stephen Rowen
•    Talk about the need for shared understandings and combined forces to address the problem of addiction in our society

•    Dr. Edmund O’ Flaherty
•     & Singer Song Writer Damien Dempsey
•    discuss alternative approaches to address the issue of addiction

•    Father Peter Mc Verry
•    Singer Song Writer Damien Dempsey
•    & Native American Indian Waylon Gary Whitedeer
impart words of wisdom to bring positive changes in our society in its ongoing struggle of addiction and recovery.

Looking after your Energy

Looking after your Energy

As a Holistic therapist, caring for oneself with the same dedication than
the one we pour into our loved ones and clients is not a luxury. It is an
absolute necessity. As we get busier, and more and more demands are
made on our time and energy, those of us with a caring personality can
so easily put aside our own needs in order to respond to what is being
asked from us both in this world and at an esoteric level and we can at
times neglect to apply to ourselves the quintessential tools we have
learned and which have assisted us in our personal growth. It is
important for us to cultivate the ability to stand back, re-centre
ourselves and re-fill our well.

I find Yoga and the Aura-Soma Colour System very supportive of my
work and the subtlety of my energy field. The more you open up to your
intuitive mind and the spirit world, the more crucial it becomes to gather
resources as well as placing filters of protection around you.

Tuning in with ourselves each day is vital and any spiritual practice,
however brief, can make a huge difference to our own vibration and
how we respond to others, especially at challenging times.

From time to time, it can be very useful to take ourselves away from the
business of everyday life and go into a retreat so we can re-connect with
our own essence, and care gently and lovingly for our soul.

Peeling away all the distractions from our daily routine is crucial in order
to bring clarity and insight, receive guidance as to what the next step in
our journey is, what our own needs are, and how we can best achieve
the challenging task of marrying our physical reality with our spiritual
practice, building a permanent bridge between the seen and the

For some of us, it can be difficult to take ourselves away from work and
family commitments, but these “gifts to ourselves” can be a real boost
and sometimes a turning point in our own healing journey.

We are currently riding turbulent waves as the energy of the earth is re-
adjusting and everything we had taken for granted is being put to the

One of my students talked about her experience during her walk on
“Camino del Santiago”. She spent 4 weeks walking, setting off at sunrise
each day with a rug sack which she obviously tried to keep as light as
possible. And what struck her was that all she really needed was
contained in that small bag. It put a lot of things into perspective.

It isn’t so much what we do that matters but the way we do what we
do. Whether we go on a hike for a few days, part take in a residential
course or a silent retreat, the benefits are highly tangible. It enables us
to tap into the abundance of our own inner resources and all the
support that is available to us at any given moment.

The group energy over a sustained period of time acts as a catalyst
propelling us in the direction that is of greatest benefit to us at this
given moment, remain calm, centred and focused amidst chaos and
continue to be a clear channel through which the energy of love and
light can flow in abundance and ripple out in every single aspect of our
lives and of all those who chose to walk onto the same path.

Marie Angeline Lascaux (© 2011)


Look at the Stars……

In this beautiful spring day, your heart is allowed to leap with joy. Even though there may be sadness and even resentment and anger in your life, you have after all made it to this day and that is a huge achievement. No matter what has been troubling you, the universe has brought you tools to enable you to achieve your potential. Those people and events who have touched your heart, who have brought your wounds more clearly to the surface, were the gift bearers. I know it may sound weird to you or over simplistic but that is what it boils down to.
All the thoughts and energy you have been giving to feeling hard done by doesn’t serve you. It makes you feel smaller than you actually are.
Look at the stars, these tiny dots of golden light in the night sky. They are far from insignificant. They bring peace to your soul, if you spend long enough connecting with their light.  They are magnificent and infinitely larger than you can even imagine.  And so are you.
I have seen you. I have met your soul. I know your beauty. I know your strength. I know your courage. I know you have at your disposal all that is needed to move forward in a good and healthy way, in a manner that serves you best, that gives you a warmth within and around your heart.
If you need reminding, I will be here, holding a beautiful mirror to you……

Feeling down?

This is a new day.
Do not live this day out of the old one.

Let go of what happened in the past.
Let go of what may happen in the future.
Allow yourself to live this day fully.

Remind yourself of your precious gifts:
– your skills and knowledge
– your innate nature
– your ability to face challenges
– the experience you built over the years

Ask yourself:
How can I put my qualities to the service of others?
How can I be of service to the world? To my community?

Don’t waste time in self-doubt or self-pity
You are where you are.
But you don’t have to stay stuck.

Your life is a precious gift.
You cannot afford to let the days drift away and then regret later that you didn’t get things going for yourself in the way you were meant to.

Find an occupation that will help you make use of your talents and allow you to blossom fully.
It is here. Probably right in front of you.

Take yourself out of your shell.
Feel the breeze on your face.
Look at the colours around you.
Put on some of your old favourite music.
Let your body dance to it.

Bring yourself back to life.
You have been wounded but you can and will heal.
Give the universe a chance to show you how.
This is the moment.
Embrace it.

You are unique.
Your gifts and talents are needed in this world.
You can move forward one step at the time.
You can distance yourself from the past, shed your old skin
Allow yourself to feel vulnerable for a while, like a new-born emerging from the womb.

Smile – especially if you don’t feel like it.
Allow yourself to love again: a song, your pet, a place of beauty.

Stand up strong.
You can surf through the storms.

Love and blessings
Marie Angeline Lascaux

Mindfulness in Action

There is nothing enlightened about playing small, nor about chasing for the ultimate goal at the expense of everyday living.

Every day brings me a deeper understanding of the magic of our bodies and their own innate ability to heal.

Everything we ever needed to know and all that is needed in order achieve oneness and heal,  is buried deep within ourselves.

Our job is to find it.

And we can best achieve this by retrieving deep inside through mindfulness and meditation.

I am not talking about sitting on a cushion trying to quieten our mind but about mindfulness in action.

As you awaken in the morning, give yourself time to gather yourself in your body, to connect with your breath, to watch its rise and fall.

Turn your attention to your whole body and observe how it feels.  Allow some gentle movements to emerge naturally and give these your full attention.

Don’t allow your mind to distract you.  Instead bring your full focus to the breath flowing in and out of your body.

How deep is your breath? How does your body respond to it?

Is there any part of your body feeling a little tender or constricted?

Can you bring the breath to this part of your body?

How does it feel then?  Is the constriction or the discomfort dissipating?

Allow your body to tell you how it wants to stretch, being very gentle and attentive to all parts and particularly those in need of extra TLC…

As you step into the shower, allow your skin to feel the warm water, its cleansing and purifying effect on your energy.

Make it your intention to allow whatever residues from previous experiences to go down the drain and remain in the shower until you feel totally refreshed and re-energised.

In choosing your clothes for the day, select the colours that compliment how you feel  in this moment, and the outfit that makes you feel positive and oozing with self-confidence.

Choose to have for breakfast food that is high on energy and natural vitamins.

Sit down and take your time, tasting each mouthful fully.  Do this for each meal of the day.

As you clean the dishes, feel the warm water on your hands, observe your breath and stay present to the task at hand.

Bring that same awareness into every action of the day.

When you are in company, allow yourself to really listen to what they are saying and how this makes you feel.

As you respond to them, make sure this comes from your heart. Even when you need to establish clearer boundaries with this person, ensure that your words and the tone of your voice are filled with kindness and compassion for yourself and this person.

Take time out during the day for a leisurely walk somewhere where you can connect with nature and give yourself breathing space.

As you prepare for the night, release any worries or anxiety about the day that is ending and the one ahead of you tomorrow and ask your spirit guides or guardian angels to take care of this for you.

Make yourself comfortable and scan your whole body, giving each body part full permission to release, relax and let go. Take your time. Some areas may need plenty of breath….

Finally surround yourself with your favourite colour and let your body gently slip into a restful sleep by keeping your full focus on your breathing, repeating to yourself “Breathing in I calm my whole body, breathing out I calm my whole body…”

Let me know how you get on!

May you be well and happy and free from fear…..

Om Shanti

Marie Angeline Lascaux



Marie Angeline Lascaux is an intuitive healer with over 25 years’ experience in the holistic field, combining Hatha Yoga, Dance, Spiritual Healing, Shamanism and the Aura-Soma Colour Care System. She works from an inner place of knowing leading people to their inner self with love, great energy, and sensitivity, guiding each person to their potential.


Looking for Wisdom

It is no coincidence that Death and Rebirth is so central to any healing process.

We can so easily be carried away through the everyday life, deluding ourselves about the fact that from the minute we are born, we are in fact dying. Our society is constantly inventing new ways to defy the ageing process with miracle creams, surgery, photo-shop, and even in holistic practices we talk about rejuvenation through vitamins, minerals, diet and exercises….

We are often terrified of change, of losing what we have taken years to accumulate and yet we know deep down that on our final journey we won’t be able to take any of that with us.

Why are we so scared to embrace the fact that our skin, bones, muscles, organs, and brain cells are losing their elasticity? Why do we hide our older citizens in nursing homes?

From early childhood, we have been trained to think that the secret to our happiness resides on the outer layer: how we look, what we achieve in life, the car we drive, the friends we have, and that the wisdom we seek can be found in books, courses, and teachers from afar, and the further afield, the more we are keen for them to share with us their knowledge and wisdom.


Many travel to ancient sites across the globe to meet the keepers of ancient knowledge with the hope of returning with deeper insights, unravelling some pearls of wisdom and breaking through the blockages that kept them from moving forward in life, often returning home to realise that the journey that is most worthwhile to undertake is the one at the heart of our own country, our beautiful green isle, reconnecting with the wisdom of the land on one of the many sacred sites, leading us to the emerald green of our own heart.


In ancient cultures, older citizen or “elders” were at the centre of everything. They were sought for their knowledge and understood to radiate wisdom. They were honoured because of the depth of their experiences and their huge value to the “clan”.


Could it be that if, instead of treating our seniors as second class citizen, we called on them to advise us, we wouldn’t be in the mess we are now?  Our seniors have lived through wars and recessions and they have experienced what works and what doesn’t.


Some of the Elders from this land may live across the road from you.  What they have lost in physical agility has been replaced by knowledge, wisdom, and a degree of expertise in their chosen fields.


We are so busy getting on with our own life that we fail to realise that besides the erroneous image we have cultivated about growing older, many of our seniors are in fact living their golden age to the full, continuing to develop new skills, bringing valuable gifts to society, sharing their wisdom and compassion with all who care to listen, and reminding us that there are many viewpoints to each situation.


The late John O’ Donoghue describes growing older as “gracious harvesting”, using life’s experiences to help the next generation. Many of our elders spend their golden years discreetly supporting personal and community development, in their own families and in the wider community.


There is a lot to be said about “old wives tales”, for example, with regard to the plants which we describe as weeds, most of which contain medicinal properties which can enhance the healing process for many conditions. The garden of Ireland is filled with hidden of treasures and the land itself can bring us all the healing and wisdom we require to unblock ourselves and move forward in life with renewed hope and positivity.


The keepers of the land are waiting patiently for us to awaken from our trance to the real beauty which can only be accessed through the heart.


We are being called to free ourselves from everything which is of value to us be it material wealth, identity, even our loved ones…

On our very last day, the only thing we can truly ask ourselves is not “what I have achieved” or “what I have left behind” but this simple query: “have I loved enough?”

I have been privileged to work closely with a number of Irish Elders and my findings are available through a 13 parts documentary called “Inspiring Elders”.  The majority of the “elders” interviewed are aged between 60 and 90. These include a University Professor of gerontology, medical doctors, an Ayurvedic doctor, a naturopath, an homeopath, a psychologist, a psychotherapist, professional dancers, representatives from positive ageing agencies in Ireland, a drama teacher, a nun, a shop owner, writers, a member of a mixed Catholic community, spiritual teachers, musicians, a retired banker, tango dancers, and healers, all of whom live their golden age to the full and bring valuable gifts to society.

The late Mary Brady, artist, who sadly passed away just as the documentary was reaching the airwaves, shared that when you are doing any type of creative work, you are very much in the present and that it feeds your inner self. As she grew older, she found herself taking things more lightly and laughing at things that are very serious because they come and go anyway. She hoped that she had passed through life and left it better for the next generations.

Eilish Kelly, who teaches Art in disadvantaged communities, reminds us that we always have to remain in the present and come to the heart, to the bigger picture. We need to realise that we don’t have the answers for other people but we can point the way to them and we do so by recognising what we have experienced in life.  Knowing what our own creative ability and strength are is very important and we need to work through our gifts with other people and recognise that we complement each other.

Paddy Mac Mahon, who wrote several books on spirituality, shares that from the moment we are born, we are getting older, so it becomes a matter of adjustment to the different ages. Each age has its own particular highlights and as we learn to be accommodating of each age within ourselves, we can remain young while at the same time accepting the limitations of older age.

According to Fred Walker, homeopath, love is the best medicine. If you look at people in their eighties or nineties who are wise and healthy in mind and body, you notice that they are usually filled with compassion, which is extremely healing for those around them. It is about getting self-contained and trust our gut feeling. Instead of getting embroiled in the anxieties fears, and delusions, about life, we pull back into ourselves, developing a greater awareness of our body and becoming more accepting of ourselves and others.

Professor Eamon O Shea, from the Irish Centre for Social Gerontology (ICSG), @ NUI, Galway states that we must recognise the tremendous bounty there is in older age and the major contribution older people are making to society while at the same time acknowledge the fact that some older people are vulnerable and in need of specific intervention and care from our government.  Traditionally. older people are wiser and it is important that ageing is seen as part of life. We must strive to maintain the independence and autonomy of older people for as long as possible and to empower older people to participate more in society.

Joanna Banks, Artistic Director of the College of Dance in Ireland and founder member of the Association of Professional Dancers in Ireland, thinks that each generation has something to offer and that whereas older people have wonderful life experience they can use to help others, it is important to listen to people of all generations. She feels that being active in whatever area is good for you is crucial and that it is important to look after yourself and to have a sensible diet.

Eamon Timmins, Age action representative, explains that positive ageing means to live the life you want to live today and to live that life every day and not to be worried about  what people think, or about what you should or shouldn’t do at your age. Your age has nothing to do with it: you should live the life you want to live and live it to the full. Ireland needs older people it needs their knowledge, their experience, their civic spiritness, their willingness to give and contribute, to keep our society together, run our clubs, our communities and our societies and the government needs to support older people to enable them to continue to do that.

Dolores Whelan, who facilitates workshops in Celtic spirituality and pilgrimages to the Sacred Sites in Ireland, remarks that being old is nothing to do with a number, it’s to do with your mind and what you perceive to be important. If one is connected with their inner life, with the artistic mythical dimension, it’s always spring time. Wisdom is not found in books: you live into wisdom. The role as an elder is to model a holistic way of living, to embrace life, good days and bad days, and to come towards a place of truth within yourself which we can then pass onto the next generation. To sing and to pray in our own native tongue is hugely important because it connects us with our soul “Éist le mo chroí” Listen to my heart, listen to your heart “oscailt mo chroi” open your heart. The connection between the language and the land and the language and our soul is hugely important.

According to Gabrielle Kirby, member of a Catholic Community, what ages a person is the negative. Having a purpose in life, seeing God’s loving hands in everything that happens, seeing the bright side in everything and living in the moment helps us to stay youthful.

Dr. Eric Dilworth, MD, believes that small children benefit from the grand-parents’ involvement in the family unit. Life is a spiritual journey towards wholeness. What matters is being attentive to each other, compassionate, at peace, being in joy.  We need to share patience, simplicity, creativity, awareness, truth, beauty, and abundance with each other. As people get older there is some radiance shining through like the radiance of a new-born baby which is pure life, pure essence, and pure consciousness. It’s all about being in your own space, being still, enjoying whatever comes into your presence and allowing everything in your presence be a welcome guest. Observe life, stay centred, stay present, eat well and you’ll live a long life in peace. Enjoy a sunset, enjoy nature, enjoy being, enjoy fresh air, a smile a laugh, taste life, enjoy it. It’s all very simple.

Mairead Conlon who organises spiritual seminars feels that we have to make the best of everyday and live each moment with joy and if we do something regularly that we love it keeps us young. Smile and the world smiles at you; weep and you weep alone. In the long run it’s your life: You are in control of what you do with it, not anybody else.

Lucy Johnston, singer, feels that as you become older, you become calm and content.

The late Mary Morsisini who taught dance to her very last day, shared that it is important to have something to stimulate your brain and that no matter what type of exercise you do, you must exercise all your life and you will feel much better for it and remain healthy.

Sister Stanislaus Kennedy, founder of FOCUS Ireland, shares that we all need intellectual inspiration and nourishment; we all need our bodies cared for; a fulfilled life is when there’s that holistic approach to life.

Tom Wynne who discovered the Energy Core, has come to acknowledge that the bodies that we have been given are the physical expression of the spirit that we are so if we look after our body, our  spirit will rejoice, will be happy.

Dr Don Brennan, GP and doctor In Ayurveda highlights that in Ayruveda, it is said that if you have the right diet, you will never need medicine and if you don’t have the right diet. what use are medicines? In other words even with the best of medicines, you won’t gain health unless you also take care of your nutrition. If mind and body are balanced, you express all that is good; however any imbalance blocks our inner being from full manifestation and expression. When we are in our middle years, it’s a time for fulfilment and activity, but after fifty our bodies are more sensitive and we need to take better care of them, be more restful, have a better routine, eat properly, nourishing food and particularly after seventy five, the actual routines that we live in and the foods that we eat, are more gentle. By keeping the body balanced at this time when it’ s growing a little bit more sensitive, we allow the mind to retain increasing integration and increasing connection with our own immortal being.

Sister Rachel, who practices Reflexology, believes that God’s pharmacy is our garden, our fields and that we have an obligation If we do know anything, to share it with others.

Mo Griffin, who wrote a Trilogy on numerology and sacred geometry, believes that we will be the ones producing the miracles and producing in the change. Looking after ourselves, our planet, our laws, and the way we live our lives in a gentle way, is the responsibility of every single human being on this planet.


Living in the Now

Tune in to Dublin City FM 103.2 each Monday @ 1.30 pm for

 “Living in the now”

Would you like to find out how to live stress-free in our contemporary society, to learn practical tools to enable you to bring positive changes in your life, to hear from a variety of professionals in the healing field what it means to be “Living in the Now”? If so, this program is for you.

As Yoga teacher and Holistic Therapist with over 15 years’ experience working with people of all ages and backgrounds, Marie Angeline Lascaux is faced on a daily basis with people from all walks of life who are keen to learn stress reducing techniques, and she tailors these to the needs of her clients. She is committed to produce quality radio programs to promote health and well-being, offering a model of healthy living with effective, easy to use stress reducing techniques.

She is joined live in studio by a different guest each week, chosen because of their level of expertise in their chosen fields. These include psychiatrists, psychologists, holistic therapists, spiritual teachers, artists, and members of the public, all of whom share their views and insights on what it means to them to be “Living in the Now”

Each programme will end with a guided mindfulness exercise.

Next Show:Monday September 16th Clara Rose singer song-writer

then Monday September 23rd Special Equinox

Marie Angeline produced “Nature’s Path” a holistic radio show weekly for 8 years, 3 radio documentaries “Irish Spirituality then and now”, “Dancing through Life in Dublin” and “Inspiring Elders”, as well as a Meditation CD and two Yoga DVDs. Check her Podcasts: and

Get in touch, tell us your story, and let us know who and what you would like to hear in future programs. We would be delighted to hear from you. 

Pregnancy Yoga

Pregnancy Yoga

Hi all,

I’ve been doing pregnancy yoga in Sandyford for a while now with Marie Angeline Lascaux and have found it excellent. It’s not always easy to find yoga classes specifically for pregnancy but I would highly recommend this class – the new ‘term’ has just begun and there are places available. She keeps the classes small – max about 6 – and every week is slightly different which keeps it interesting. Classes are on Monday evening from 6:45 to 8:15pm and from 8:30 to 10pm, and also (I think) Tuesday evening from 8:30 to 10pm. For more information you can call Marie Angeline on 086-8242033 or visit her website:


Yoga with Marie Angeline Lascaux

Yoga with Marie Angeline Lascaux

Marie Angeline doesn’t only do yoga postures and shapes, she brings in an extra dimension – an X-factor! I have been to other yoga classes and definitely the quality of Marie Angeline’s teaching and instruction outshines the other classes I’ve attended. At the start of each class she checks in with everybody and how they feel on the day – someone could have a sore neck, sore back or maybe feel a bit tired. She then chooses the exercises that help peoples’ ailments and of course everyone benefits from all the exercises. She has an amazing way of ‘knowing’ – she can look at the way you do a posture and she knows intuitively how to correct it by using the breath, so instead of feeling forced into a shape, you feel guided into the correct posture for your body and it makes you feel good. Over time you naturally ‘feel’ the correct way and eventually you will find you can do it for yourself. She puts a big emphasis on breathing and letting go of tension so you truly feel stretched and relaxed. The relaxation led by Marie Angeline at the end of the class is the cherry-on-top. You feel your worries and thoughts just melt away. Her yoga class really is an energy booster and stress reliever all rolled into one.

Yoga Dublin