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Body & Soul with Marie Angeline

Body & Soul with Marie Angeline

While attending Yoga classes with Marie Angeline, I had heard good things about the Body & Soul group. Curiosity got the better of me and I went along one Thursday evening. The people were a lovely, welcoming group who come together to open their creativity through free-flowing dance and writing. I love dancing so I just let my body move to the music that Marie Angeline put on the stereo. No one was watching anybody else so I felt free to move to the music in the way that I wanted, without the structure or restricted movements in other dance classes. After the dancing Marie Angeline suggested a theme. She did a short meditation around the theme. After the meditation, we were then given pen and paper and asked to just ‘be’ and let the creative juices flow. The last time I wrote something was for exams at school so I was a bit apprehensive at first but after a few minutes I found the words just flowed out and suddenly I had a whole A4 page written! It is up to you whether you want to read what you have written or not and the comments are always positive, everything is confidential. I chose to read out what I had written and I was surprised at the creativity that had come out from me and onto the page. Everyone was so supportive and positive. I really enjoyed it and was so amazed at the creativity that came out of me that I went back for many Body & Soul sessions. If you want to awaken your creativity, Body & Soul is the group for you.

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